Using VLC in watching a STREAM

  • Download VLC at OldVersion(dot)com ...or... New Version 1.1.11 - and install it.
  • You cannot use VLC to watch a stream unless it is already playing in StreamTorrent
  • Open the main StreamTorrent application window. Start and Lock the channel you wish to watch. Then... once the stream has buffered & is playing, right click on the streaming player window, go to "Properties" and copy the .asf link you find.
  • In VLC, go to "File" and open a network stream.
  • In the HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS box, paste in the asf link.
  • Click on "OK" and sit back and watch in VLC. Close the StreamTorrent player window, but DO NOT close out of the application, for this closes the stream. (Side note: The asf link will change for each stream. Usually the last number is what changes.)
  • Remember to Unlock the channel when you are done watching your stream.